Jamari's Jewels is enthusiastic about it's clients' ability to make an influential first-impression.  We use Genuine Swarovski Crystals each individually placed to create signature elements developed from the wishes and  passions of each client. This highly personalized experience is what separates  Jamari's Jewels from any other company and ultimately separates you from the crowd.



Your personal items are dear to you and deserve special attention and customization how you see fit.  Jamari Jewels is an innovative service designed to bring customized embellishments to any item you wish to shine; from cell phone cases, laptop covers, clothing, shoes, car accessories and anything else your heart desires. We are devoted to high quality designs, personalizing and creating exclusive embellishments, and helping your items stand out with impeccable quality.  Jamari's Jewels is committed to exquisite presentation and exceptional quality.



    Enter a room with confidence knowing you will leave it in astonishment